Our Method

At IA, we’re big on Process.  It’s what has enabled us to consistently provide quality product on time and within budget for over ten years. Most often, we’re hired based on word-of-mouth referrals from client team members who’ve enjoyed working with us and were impressed by the quality of our work.    Ask around…you’ll see.

While Process provides us the framework to provide consistent, repeatable results, it’s our ability to empathize that really sets us apart.  While few-and-far between, we’re not the only shop providing elegant architecture, robust APIs, and highly-modularized front-end development on the bleeding edge of what’s possible in the DOM.  But we are that rare breed that possess the innate  ability to take the end -user perspective and let that drive our UI/UX designs.  No matter how complex the requirements, it’s empathy that allows us to distill out priority functionality thereby simplifying our UIs.  It’s empathy that drives us to challenge the status quo of UI/UX design creating highly-visual applications that people intuitively understand how to use.

Which brings me to our ninjas.  Empathy and awesome UI/UX design would never make it from PDFs to the  browser without super-talented HTML/CSS gurus and Javascript ninjas.  We’re writing the book on single-page application development fusing Bootstrap 3 with Kendo UI and its associated MVVM framework.  Our UI/UX designs would never last long in production if it wasn’t for our world-class front-end development team.  Contact us and we’ll show you some of what’s under the hood.  We’re adding discipline to Javascript and it’s the real-deal.


Our Culture

Our founding principles of honesty, candor, and quality enable us to continue fostering long-term relationships where our transparency and accessibility have spurred steady company growth and high client retention.  As individuals, we will continue challenging ourselves—knowing our best work is always our next work.

What We Do

Web Applications Design & Development
Native & Hybrid App Design & Development
Marketing & Communications Websites
Brand Identity

Organizational Values

Intellectual Alchemy has prospered from our commitment to the following principles known as the “IA Way”.  The IA Way is applied internally and externally with passion and commitment; for we have always been, and will always be, an organization believing that actions speak much louder than words.